Wednesday, July 25, 2012



If you go into this movie never having seen Family Guy then you will not know what it is like in the mind of Ted's writer/director/creator Seth MacFarlane.  Now I do realize many people have never seen the series about the misadventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family, but I guarantee, those people have heard or read about it.  I am personally a fan of the show but I do understand it is not for everyone and the same will be for this movie.  It is 106 minutes of raunchy, foul-mouthed depravity and I am not sorry to say, I loved it!!!!

Ted is the story of John Bennett (played with comedic brilliance by Mark Wahlberg) who as a young boy received a teddy bear as a Christmas gift and made a very special wish to make his bear real so he could have a best friend forever.  Jump 27 years later and John is a middle-aged man in a go-nowhere job with his bear still at his side, living in an apartment with John's girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis).  John and his best friend Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) share a bond so strong yet so vulgar, it would make even the filthiest pair of frat boys blush.  However, the pair keep their comedic train on the tracks the entire time, never stalling for a minute.

First of all, Ted is a grade A, primo adult comedy; and I emphasize ADULT.  I only do that because of  some remarks I have heard about how offensive the movie is.  Seriously people, that is why we have ratings and this is America, if you are offended, DON'T GO SEE IT!  I give this movie major props though for one really big reason: originality.  We all know the summer blockbuster season the past several years mostly shows the audience remakes (and now remakes of remakes), sequels, prequels, and now all the super hero movies.  I applaud MacFarlane for giving the audience this year a hundred million dollar blockbuster based on an original idea, and what a hilarious idea it has turned out to be.  All I can hope for now is, Ted will spawn a sequel of its own, or the very least, make a very special wish.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman


It's like Lord of the Rings meets Sleepy Hollow meets Pans Labyrinth.  Now, how awesome does that sound?  I was so surprised by this film.  Upon seeing the trailer for the first time, I was really looking forward to seeing it but had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  Just to let all of you and your kids know, this is not the fairy tale from our childhoods.

As of the July 4th weekend, one of the best movies of 2012 I have seen thus far. What a tour-de-force in everything: acting, writing, special effects, and especially, CASTING! Charlize Theron gives an Oscar worthy performance (but I know she will not be nominated) as the evil queen. Let me tell you, evil is not even the word for this woman; Theron transforms her into a bonafide monster (LOL, get it, monster, you know the movie she was in).  You definitely do not need to see this movie in 3D to feel her intensity explode from the screen.  This evil queen would take the evil queens of the past movies, slit their throats then set there corpses on fire and laugh while watching them burn and Charlize Theron is absolutely brilliant in the execution, so to speak.  Kristen Stewart punches Bella Swan in the face and tosses her out the window for this role. This Snow White is hardcore and Stewart beefs up her acting chops ten fold and shows the audience she can lead the charge.  Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman was an awesome choice, being the audacious protector at one time then kicking major ass at all the other times but did not just turn it into another Thor.  He made this role his own.

Seriously dark, yet enchanting. Action-packed yet emotional. Snow White and the Huntsman has the villain of all villains, the hero we all want, and the princess that will whoop yo ass but these characters are not frolicking in any  meadows.  It definitely pushes the limits of it's PG-13 rating with the fantasy violence and the special effects are inspiring. I realize as of the writing of this review, everyone is watching either Ted, The Amazing Spiderman, or Magic Mike but this one has been out for a while so many have already seen it and if you want to ditch those crowded theaters, see this one.  Also, throw out your common notions, the fairies in this tale are much more sinister.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Woman in Black


I had such high hopes for this movie.   Now, we as moviegoers are all aware of how the makers of movie trailers pick the best parts of a movie for their previews and so many times when we go to see the actual film, the trailer was very misleading.  This is one of those times.

Granted I did not see this movie until it came out on DVD, so a few friends had already seen it.  A great deal of them commented how it creepy it was and that it really was a great film.   I was very excited when I saw the trailer because everyone who knows me knows I love an awesome haunted house movie, especially when they take place in a time like the nineteenth century.  The Woman in Black started off well enough with a creepy storyline and a dark, ominous setting: a haunted mansion in 19th century England, completely surrounded by water with the exception of a causeway that links it to the mainland.  It even comes complete with the two scariest elements (in my opinion) a horror movie can have: lots of shots of dollfaces and creepy, spine tingling ghost children running amok. Those little bastards always give me the willies.

Daniel Radcliffe was adequate.  His performance was solid but if the movie would have met its own potential and grew in intensity like it could have, then I do believe his acting would have matched that intensity.  All the elements were there for a proper scare fest, it just wasn't executed properly.  The movie grows tired and a little lame with cheaply effects.  So, if you watch The Woman in Black and think you are going to be immensely scared, you will just be disappointed viewer on couch.

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Monday, July 2, 2012



 I have ran into a lot of mixed reviews on this movie, before and after seeing it.  About half the people I know who have seen it thought it rocked and the other half though it blew chunks.  However, I have to say, Prometheus was far from making me loose my lunch.

It is a film directed by the great Ridley Scott (Aliens, Bladerunner, Gladiator) but he does say that it is not a prequel to Aliens but an original film in itself.  The movie centers on a group of scientists and researchers traveling through the universe, trying to discover clues to the origins of humans.  They land on an alien planet in their impressive ship, named Prometheus of course, where they get stranded and they run into much of what they are looking for and of course, a lot of what they never wanted to find.  The movie as a whole is impressive, especially in the beginning with some awe inspiring scenery during the opening credits.  The only reason I gave it three stars is the movie did take a little time to get off the ground.  After it did though, Prometheus becomes much more than all the Aliens sequels and what I like to call, pseudo sequels.

The cast is comprised of a group of extremely talented actors and actresses. Idris Elba is commanding as always in his role as Janek, the ship's captain.  The enigmatic Michael Fassbender (whom I becoming a fast fan of) portrays the android David in perfect sterile stoic fashion.  Guy Pearce, who had a versatile string of great movies in the mid to late nineties, seems to be back to  beefing up his even more versatile resume these days.  Lets just say, if it weren't for his distinct voice, he would be completely unrecognizable in his role which, in my opinion, is award worthy.  Then, there is the stunning  talent that is Charlize Theron.  Her performance as the cold and soulless Meredith Vickers was haunting and dead on.

The cast is impressive, the writing is far from predictable and cheesy, and the cinematography and production design is dazzling.  Ridley Scott does not fail us again as far as I am concerned and even though this is a new, original movie in itself, by the time the film reaches its incredible ending, you will be in familiar territory.

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