Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Words


I recently saw a small movie in my local theater that was certainly a sweet, sweet cinematic surprise.  I can remember seeing the trailer some months ago, and again, like many movies, knew instantly it was something I wanted to see.  However, there was no way I expected some an acting tour-de-force.  I was definitely drawn to the storyline being a writer myself.  I could tell I was in store for a simple, yet fine American drama.  What I saw was simply a fine American drama!

The Words centers mostly on struggling writer Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper) who finds an extreme amount of critical and financial success with the creation of the next great American novel.  Except Jansen did not write the novel and the real writer, portrayed brilliantly in a spellbinding Oscar caliber performance by Jeremy Irons, arrives in his life to let him know the real story behind his book.  The Old Man, which is simply what Irons' character is called, takes the audience into a whirlwind love story taking place in 1940's Paris. This movie doesn't stop there with these two interloping story lines, we are also taken to the near future with Dennis Quaid playing Clay Hammond, a successful author who writes a book based on the tale of Rory Jansen and the Old Man.

This movie is smart, intriguing, and so very engrossing.  It is not filled with blow em up action scenes, raunchy sex, and f-bombs, just to let the people who only look for those factors know.  The story itself is something new and fresh which is always awesome after a summer filled with sequels and remakes.  The dialogue is intelligent with a script full of meaning without cheesiness.  Along with the three leading men, there are two actresses who also hold their own.  Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek) really releases some acting chops as Rory's stand by your man wife, Dora.  She is sympathetic, sweet, and shows all the emotional range needed for this intense role.  Olivia Wilde (TRON Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens) is seductive as usual in a small, but pivotal role romancing Quaid's Clay Hammond.  Many of you know from reading my other entries is that when needed, I like to point a stand out performance and in The Words, that award goes to Jeremy Irons.  His performance of The Old Man is gut wrenching and poignant at the same time while also being just the right amount of sinister and cold.  He almost doesn't need to use words in some scenes, just his awesome facial expressions and that coldness in his eyes, which his character deserves to feel.

If you are looking for a great, adult drama with an intelligent plot, then this film is definitely for you.  You certainly won't have to read too much into this early fall gem, just sit back and enjoy The Words and you will forget about that novel you are reading, at least for 96 minutes.

Thank you and see you at the next blog.

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