Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Great Gatsby (2013)

4 STARS!!!!!!!!!!

There are some movies that are not simply movies we sit down and watch; some of them are so profound, so dazzling, so astounding that they can only be called a cinematic experience.  So, yes you guessed it, The Great Gatsby is that cinematic experience and I enjoyed the hell out of it.  I have been waiting to see this movie even since I first heard about it and especially of course, since I saw the first trailer.  I was so disappointed when the release date was moved from December of 2012 to summer of 2013.  It was the one movie I would have gone and seen at a midnight screening, which the people who know me, know I do not do.  Well, as you can tell, I did get to experience this movie, so here.....we......go.

One note:  I am not going to go into the synopsis.  Most of us read this in high school, college, etc.  If you haven't read it, DOOOO IT!  But if need be, here is my favorite trailer of the movie, the one I like to call, The Music Trailer.

First of all, kudos (and kudos again) to Baz Luhrmann, the visionary director behind Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, and yes, even Australia, which many critics panned but I deeply enjoyed.  He has given us an awe-inspiring, eye-gasm of a movie.  I found it odd at first that it was in 3D but tonight, I definitely see it was necessary.  There is so much glitz and glamor that explodes from the screen, I almost needed an intermission to blink.

Next, there is the cast, the wonderful, tour-de-force of a cast. Tobey Maguire portrays Nick Carraway, the wide-eyed wannabe Wall Street tycoon who moves in next to Gatsby and becomes his friend.  I had my reservations about Maguire at first but he ended up delivering an intensity which hasn't been seen from him in some time, at least not since Brothers.  Another casting decision I was surprised to see was Isla Fisher, portraying the small but pivotal role of Myrtle Wilson.  We've mostly seen her in comedies (Wedding Crashers, Hot Rod) so, being a fan of hers, I was itching to see if she had the gusto.  As far as I am concerned, she extended her versatility to new heights.  She made you laugh and broke your heart at the same time.  Elizabeth Debicki, who is mostly a stage actress, plays Jordan Baker, a female golfer and friend to Daisy Buchanan.  The expressions on her face are almost haunting and as the viewer, I almost got lost in her big, bold eyes.  She was mesmerizing even when not speaking.  Now, I wasn't real familiar with Joel Edgerton, but with his award worthy turn as polo player and husband to Daisy, Tom Buchanan, I am definitely familiar with him now.  He made the famously arrogant character bolder and sometimes, almost filthy.  Then there is the porcelain, fresh faced Daisy Buchanan who is married to Tom but we find out is the love of Gatsby's life.  Carey Mulligan has already, at the age of 27, accrued quite the versatile acting resume and this role just added a juggernaut of a portrayal to it.  You can see that hidden pain in her face throughout most of the movie. She just broke my heart, I wanted to put her in my pocket.

And then, there is the magnetic, titanic force that is Leo!!  Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby was brilliant casting. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy is not finished with throwing pure and utter acting brilliance in our faces.  His turn as the iconic Great Gatsby was, no I really mean IS, the performance of the year!!! I know I am just a little early but this can be his first for your consideration, someone hand that man an Oscar! As the philosopher, Forrest Gump would say, "that is all I have to say about that."

The entire production is just simply stunning and explosive. You have to watch it in 3D for sure.  The music is awesome and I love how they incorporate modern music into the movie.  That just made it dazzle even more.  The party scenes make you want to jump up and do the Charleston.  If I saw this in IMAX, I think I would know what it felt like to be in 1920's New York City.  So, I don't think I can go on with any more praise.  If you are reading this before seeing it, get your butt up and go to the theater.  Just remember, there is no intermission, so don't forget to blink.

Thank you and see you at the next blog.

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