Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Grey


If you are looking for an honest to goodness original (and these days, there has to be emphasis on the word original) action thriller, then The Grey  is the movie you have been looking for.  This is not a second hand sequel, or comic-book based with a some superhero in tights or based on based on based on something that can be equally idiotic.

This movie is brilliantly haunting, thrilling, and intense as hell.  Serious character depth is immediately felt in the first twenty minutes as the audience is introduced Ottway (Neeson).  This guy is seriously damaged as he is working on the edge of the world.  Also, when you watch this movie (and you better go and see this on this big screen if you haven't already), you need to realize that the truly awesome and bad ass Liam Neeson turns 60! this year.  This guy is in every frame being the stud he has truly been all these years and I am seriously ready for the upcoming Taken sequel.

Alrighty then, the plot goes as follows: an oil drilling team working in the cold and frigid Alaskan tundra, boards a plane for Anchorage and the plane crashes.  A race for survival ensues but it's not your normal The Edge, Alive, A River Wild generic kind of race for survival.  These are real, hard core, in your face moments by a top notch cast.  I was shivering in the theater.  Oh, and did I mention, the race trying to get away from the big ass wolves.  These are the characters in the movie that give a definite, almost, horror factor.  And speaking of the cast, these guys put their stone cold hearts and souls into their roles.  There are definite award winning performances from Neeson, Dallas Roberts (A Home at the End of the World, Walk the Line) and Durmot Mulroney (The Family Stone, My Best Friends Wedding).  On the poster it reads, Live or Die On This Day, however if it's the ladder, make sure you tune into The Grey.

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