Monday, July 2, 2012



 I have ran into a lot of mixed reviews on this movie, before and after seeing it.  About half the people I know who have seen it thought it rocked and the other half though it blew chunks.  However, I have to say, Prometheus was far from making me loose my lunch.

It is a film directed by the great Ridley Scott (Aliens, Bladerunner, Gladiator) but he does say that it is not a prequel to Aliens but an original film in itself.  The movie centers on a group of scientists and researchers traveling through the universe, trying to discover clues to the origins of humans.  They land on an alien planet in their impressive ship, named Prometheus of course, where they get stranded and they run into much of what they are looking for and of course, a lot of what they never wanted to find.  The movie as a whole is impressive, especially in the beginning with some awe inspiring scenery during the opening credits.  The only reason I gave it three stars is the movie did take a little time to get off the ground.  After it did though, Prometheus becomes much more than all the Aliens sequels and what I like to call, pseudo sequels.

The cast is comprised of a group of extremely talented actors and actresses. Idris Elba is commanding as always in his role as Janek, the ship's captain.  The enigmatic Michael Fassbender (whom I becoming a fast fan of) portrays the android David in perfect sterile stoic fashion.  Guy Pearce, who had a versatile string of great movies in the mid to late nineties, seems to be back to  beefing up his even more versatile resume these days.  Lets just say, if it weren't for his distinct voice, he would be completely unrecognizable in his role which, in my opinion, is award worthy.  Then, there is the stunning  talent that is Charlize Theron.  Her performance as the cold and soulless Meredith Vickers was haunting and dead on.

The cast is impressive, the writing is far from predictable and cheesy, and the cinematography and production design is dazzling.  Ridley Scott does not fail us again as far as I am concerned and even though this is a new, original movie in itself, by the time the film reaches its incredible ending, you will be in familiar territory.

Thank you and see you at the next blog.

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