Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Woman in Black


I had such high hopes for this movie.   Now, we as moviegoers are all aware of how the makers of movie trailers pick the best parts of a movie for their previews and so many times when we go to see the actual film, the trailer was very misleading.  This is one of those times.

Granted I did not see this movie until it came out on DVD, so a few friends had already seen it.  A great deal of them commented how it creepy it was and that it really was a great film.   I was very excited when I saw the trailer because everyone who knows me knows I love an awesome haunted house movie, especially when they take place in a time like the nineteenth century.  The Woman in Black started off well enough with a creepy storyline and a dark, ominous setting: a haunted mansion in 19th century England, completely surrounded by water with the exception of a causeway that links it to the mainland.  It even comes complete with the two scariest elements (in my opinion) a horror movie can have: lots of shots of dollfaces and creepy, spine tingling ghost children running amok. Those little bastards always give me the willies.

Daniel Radcliffe was adequate.  His performance was solid but if the movie would have met its own potential and grew in intensity like it could have, then I do believe his acting would have matched that intensity.  All the elements were there for a proper scare fest, it just wasn't executed properly.  The movie grows tired and a little lame with cheaply effects.  So, if you watch The Woman in Black and think you are going to be immensely scared, you will just be disappointed viewer on couch.

Thank you and see you at the next blog.

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