Friday, April 22, 2011

How Do You Know

This movie was actually very funny.  I only give it 3 stars because lets face it, you can tell by the previews that it is just another romantic comedy.  You know how it is going to end.  How do you know is from writer/director James L. Brooks and stars Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, and Jack Nicholson.  How do you know is no where near the box office and Oscar gem some of Brook's previous movies were like Terms of Endearment (over 100 million dollars at box office and winner of 5 Oscars including Best Picture) and As Good As It Gets (over 300 million dollars worldwide and winner of 2 Oscars).  It earned just over 30 million dollars at the box office.

However, in true James L. Brooks fashion, the writing is hilariously genius and his characters are real, meaning they are flawed.  He doesn't use anorexic, over tanned teenagers in his movies.  Don't get me wrong, he uses attractive people, but attractive people with talent.  And he gets the best of the best when it comes to talent.

Paul Rudd has certainly certified himself as a comedic phenom over the years. Whether its a slapstick, ridiculous movie, Phoebe's boyfriend/husband in Friends, or now the leading man.  He plays George Madison, an executive who got his job through extreme nepotism from his father Charles (Jack Nicholson).  In a 24 hour period, he has some of the worst luck one person can have.  There is this scene with just him and a bloody mary that I found so funny.  Then he meets Lisa, a wonder athlete, who is also down on her luck but Lisa is dating Matty (Owen Wilson), a professional baseball player.  Timing couldn't be worse for both but I think that was the perfect time for them to meet.  Owen Wilson is right in place as the narcissistic baseball player.  Jack Nicholson is of course brilliant and still does not miss a beat to absorb every part of his character.  I am sure it was a huge honor for Rudd, Witherspoon, and Wilson to be in the company of James L. Brooks and Jack Nicholson.

Brooks turns them into almost this dynamic duo.  Their chemistry and comedic timing is flawless.  The last time we saw Reese Witherspoon on screen was in 2008's Four Christmases and I think this was the perfect vehicle for her to come back in.  Even though you may already know the ending, it is still a joy to watch.

Thank you and see you at the next blog.

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