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Bruce Willis                            John Malkovich                     Brian Cox
Morgan Freeman                    Mary-Louise Parker              Ernest Borgnine
Helen Mirren                          Richard Dreyfuss

I listed the cast because this movie, this action movie filled with gun fights and explosions, is littered with cinematic icons and legends but trash, they are not.  This movie is fun, funny, and a wild ride to experience.  I mean seriously, the cast speaks for itself.

Bruce Willis plays Frank Moses, an ex-CIA operative who is retired from his old life and feeling very bored and lonely.  His biggest thrill in life are the phone calls to a representative (Mary-Louise Parker) who works for the call center who pays his government pension.  Suddenly, his past with the CIA comes back to haunt him and it seems his former employer wants him dead. Frank then gets his old team back together to get to the bottom of the mystery of who wants him dead and why.  They trip is filled with plenty of laughs, gunshots, explosions, and the cast works off each other so well you would think they had been working on this movie for years.  And watching this movie, you will certainly see why they are called RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous).

Helen Mirren definitely leaves her role as The Queen way behind in this movie.  I do not think the Queen could hold a machine gun anything like her character in this movie does.  Only Helen Mirren could attempt an assassination and still look like a lady doing it.  Morgan Freeman is hilarious. Another one who can do no wrong. But the one who steals the show has to be John Malkovich.  He plays Marvin Boggs, who as a younger man was a supposedly a test subject for the government, and now is a paranoid loon living in Florida.  His banter mixed with his extreme paranoia and proving he is not an old man provides most of the comedic relief in this movie.  If it weren't for the receding hairline and salt flakes mixed in, I would have thought he was a kid again this movie.  I could tell the man was having fun with this character and he forced Marvin Boggs to have some damn fun.

The characters are more than Retired Extremely Dangerous; they are legends showing these muscle bound super heroes in tights we see on the screen nowadays how to fuck shit up!

Thank you and see you at the next blog.

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