Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Spit On Your Grave (2010)


Oh yes, it is the age of the horror remake. Well, its the age of the remake of just about anything these days.  I personally think there have been some good ones. To name a few, I personally liked The Amityville Horror remake. Nightmare on Elm Street wasn't bad.  The Crazies and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were also watchable.

Anyone who knows me and my movie watching habits, I love thrillers and horror movies. I am especially a fan of the revenge flick. That old saying "revenge is a dish best served cold," I find to be total bullshit.  I say, an eye for an eye bitch!  Which brings me to a great revenge thriller, Eye for an Eye with the great Sally Field.  Then, on the subject of  great horror remakes and revenge movies, there was 2009's Last House on the Left, which I found to surpass the original. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it as long as you can get through the brutal rape scene. But, its a DVD, just skip through it.

Now I come to this blog's movie, I Spit On Your Grave. This is a remake of the 1978 movie of the same name which I am sorry I have to admit, I have not seen.  I only have one friend who has seen this movie and she loved it.  I read many things online about it before seeing it and mostly reviews say it surpasses the original.  However, this movie made less than $100,000 at the box office so I guess many people have not seen it. Also, it was a limited release too. It didn't play in theaters in my area at all.  I am sure it will do well on DVD rental. 

I Spit on your Grave focuses on Jennifer Hills, a novelist who rents a secluded cabin to work on her next book.  One night, she is visited by some local hoodlums and a series of savage assaults take place.  However, Jennifer quickly turns from sympathetic victim to vengeful all out bitch.  She tortures her assailants beyond belief in ways that had me half ass covering my eyes.  Sarah Butler portrays Jennifer Hills in what I read as a "fearless performance."  The original was banned on most of the planet so I feel as I should see it.  You can go online and look at the movie poster for the remake where one reviewer wrote, "if you can handle, then see it."  The movie is relatively slow and predictable at first.  It takes time before it gets off the ground.  It actually is very reminiscent of The Last House on the Left, which gets off to a better start then this movie.  Once Jennifer gets pissed off, it gets very interesting and a little painful to watch, especially for the guys.  Jennifer definitely  turns it into the "day of the woman."

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